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​Liam Kernan - Therapy for Men offer a one-to-one ‘talking’ therapy aimed at helping men to know themselves and how to function better, to improve their relationships and generally be better blokes. This is all kicked off with a free consultation to see whether we are compatible – both client and therapist – usually on the phone but here is good too.
There is no pressure and the ‘therapy’ goes at the pace you dictate. This is not about fixing you but helping you to understand why things happen for you the way they do – and whether you can do something about it.
Our therapist has over 20 years’ experience of therapy himself and has amassed a great deal of experience along the way. His work with Mengage has immersed him in men’s health issues. He is approachable and non-judgmental and just wants fellas to talk about their ‘stuff’ and start to unburden themselves.
So, if this sounds like something you could/should/want to do, give Liam a call or drop him an email.
No commitment by just getting in touch – but it could be your first step to helping yourself.


A qualified Advanced Emotional Therapeutic Counsellor

In 1996 I emerged from Worcester College of Higher Education with a teaching degree (BEd(Hons)) in food, textiles & child development. Coupled with my can do attitude, I was ready to change the world!

By 2001 I had fallen out of love with teaching (paperwork and no time with the students) and was struck down with a brain tumour. Having survived that I sought out some therapy to answer some questions....

20 years on I am still searching but the journey has been splendid fun. I have a beautiful wife that I met at college and we have 2 labradors, Lucy and Duke, that believe they are our children and behave like it!

I have spent several years being trained in the therapeutic technique that has helped me and now, as an advanced Emotional Therapeutic Counsellor, I work with men to give them a voice and to express their feelings, appropriately.

I am a huge Star Wars fan and also follow Arsenal, from afar.

If you want to explore your options and want to have a chat,

drop me an email or call.